Put Your Performance Reviews On Autopilot.

And keep performance conversations meaningful.

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More than 80% of your time is spent on preparation and data collection in the performance review process.

Save time, follow a trusted methodology and focus on what really matters.

Make your life easier as a People Manager.

Trusted high performance framework

Many managers have never had people management training. We provide you with a proven performance review framework and schedule that ensures you are capturing the right data, in the right sequence from the right people in the most efficient way.

Low touch, mobile friendly

Gone are the days of drafting emails for each of your team members to get feedback from their peers. The Performance Review Autopilot will take that pain away and automate the distribution and collection of requests and feedback. It is also smart enough to send reminders to those that have not responded and keeps you up to date on progress when you need it.

No more spreadsheets!

So much time is taken in cutting feedback from emails and survey results and pasting it into a spreadsheet to start the analysis in preparation for the performance conversation. Not with Everperform. We provide the single view of you and your team members that centralises and presents all data in visually appealing dashboards to make it easy for you to know exactly where to focus your conversation.

Performance is more that just feedback

Feedback is critically important, however it is not the only set of measures that should be captured to provide a holistic performance view. Achievement progress, key performance measurements and results are also needed to round out this view. Everperform is capable of pulling in this performance data and progress efficiently from your existing systems or spreadsheets.

Data Driven Performance Conversations

You are now set to have your performance conversation, and with the help of Everperform you will have the agenda and questions to ask during the review based on the personalised profile of your team member.

Our people (Rock Stars) are our greatest asset and are a direct link to great client experiences and operational effectiveness. So, it was an easy decision to invest in Everperform, which helps our people take-charge of their destiny whilst driving efficiencies in performance management (especially via the app) - saving me more than eight hours each month.

- Ryan Kagan, Director of Digital, BlueRock Group

Everperform has enabled me to have a complete overview of my team and that of the entire organisation ongoing and have a continuous pulse as to what is happening.

- Amanda Kenefake, CEO Power Tynan

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