About Everperform

Who we are

Everperform is a measurement company based in Melbourne, Australia.

Life is hard, and getting harder. Focusing on the right thing to make life easier and improve in the areas of your life that matter most to you is even more difficult.

Yet, there is such an abundance of information, knowledge and content that exists in the world today that is so easily accessible that contains the answers to the problems mentioned. There are self help books, podcasts, courses, videos, interviews, photos, quotes and research.

However, there is no single view of YOU! How do you know where you are at? How do you know if you are improving? How do you know whether you are focusing on the areas of you that matter most? How do you know where others can help?

We provide the meaningful, real time, relevant single view of you, that increases your self awareness and provides insights that help you make better decisions. We do this through our Everperform app that measures human performance at it's core.

Our Values

Trust First

We put our trust in our people and what we build, backing our team's judgement.

Always Improve

We practice what we build. Whether its in work, health or life, our team always strives to improve themselves everyday.

Enjoy Banter

We love to work hard and we love having fun together while we do it.

Team Wins

Whatever decisions we make, the team always comes first.

Connect Deeply

We like to get to know everyone we work with, even if it's a quick conversation every morning.

Serve Intelligently

We use data and our team's past experiences to help us make decisions every day.

Meet the team

Wade KeenanFounder
Daniel SpittyCEO
Roland SpittyDirector
Cristian TountzisMarketing & Product
Michael DohertyProduct Manager
Alex ChristopherFull Stack Engineer
Jennifer LiusFull Stack Engineer
Cathy ChristopherData & Analytics

Ready for high-performance?

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