About Everperform

Our mission is to accelerate human improvement by 1% everyday

Everperform is built by people who are passionate about helping businesses and individuals achieve high-performance and work-life balance.

Founded in 2014, Everperform is built around the idea that everyone can achieve high-performance given the right guidance and mentorship. Our platform is designed to capture the lead indicators to performance and provide insights and analytics into what's working and what needs improvement for individuals, teams and businesses.

We know that life is hard, and getting harder in the modern age. Business leaders, founders and employees are finding it increasingly difficult to focus on the right areas to improve, to maximise their impact in life and work.

The 21st century has provided us with an abundance of information, knowledge and content that is more easily accessible and readily available than ever before. However, there is no single view of YOU! Our goal is to by provide everyone with a meaningful, real-time and relevant single view of performance at work and in life, to achieve high-performance.

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Meet The Team

Our team is loves building tools for teams and individuals to improve themselves at work and in life.

The Everperform platform is made in Melbourne with . Our office is located in the hub of Melbourne Tech, Cremorne. Shout out to our friends at Ratio Consultants for the office space!

Everperform team Wade Keenan
Wade KeenanFounder
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Daniel SpittyCEO
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Roland SpittyDirector
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Cristian TountzisMarketing
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Cathy ChristopherData & Analytics
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Michael DohertyProduct Manager
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Jennifer LiusSoftware Engineer
Everperform team Wade Keenan
Alex ChristopherSoftware Engineer

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