Meet The Team

Wade keenan profile
Wade Keenan


Daniel spitty profile
Daniel Spitty


Roland spitty profile
Roland Spitty

Markets Director

Susie condron profile
Susie Condron


Cristian tountzis profile
Cristian Tountzis

Head of Marketing

Michael doherty profile
Michael Doherty

Product Manager

Alex christopher profile
Alex Christopher

Engineering Lead

Paul jansz profile
Paul Jansz

Head of Sales & Partnerships

Jennifer lius profile
Jennifer Lius

Software Engineer

Cathy christopher profile
Cathy Christopher

Database Analyst

Our Values

Trust First

We put our trust in our people and what we build, backing our team's judgement.

Always Improve

We practice what we build. Whether its in work, health or life, our team always strives to improve themselves everyday.

Enjoy Banter

We love to work hard and we love having fun together while we do it.

Team Wins

Whatever decisions we make, the team always comes first.

Connect Deeply

We like to get to know everyone we work with, even if it's a quick conversation every morning.

Serve Intelligently

We use data and our team's vast past experiences to help us make decisions every day.