Employee Development Goals

Plan and manage employee development goals seamlessly.

Actively planning for growth

You’re focused on growing your team and improving performance at every level of your organisation. Rather than just automating performance management, we help you take these steps by tracking goals and gathering data at the same time. The information we gather helps individuals and teams to achieve goals faster, smarter and more effectively, all while understanding their mindset and behaviour.

With customisable Playbooks that are targeted to your industry, Everperform makes it easy to set clear, actionable and achievable goals. Our employee goal management software will automatically track goal progress and collect insightful data, allowing decision makers to drive growth in key areas.

Build A Culture Of High-Performance With Everperform

Define and refine business goals

Build transparency within your business by defining, sharing, and tracking KPIs in one platform. Take advantage of Everperform’s Task Management and Goals & Milestones features and use the data you’ve collected to set future pathways for employees.

See how individuals influence success

Offering performance and people metrics in one platform gives you the full picture on goal management. See how factors like engagement, sentiment, and commitment affect the ability to meet goals on a team or individual level.

Improve goal management feedback

Everperform looks at all the factors that contribute to your employees’ actions and performance. This gives employers meaningful data that enables better coaching and more purposeful check-ins, conversations, and reviews.

Utilise real-time data

The Everperform Score provides employees with real-time insights into how they are performing and where they should focus to better meet their goals.

Leveraging 25 years of business management experience and improvement techniques from the sports science industry, the Everperform Score shows employees and businesses what’s not working and where they can change.

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