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Engaged employees are key to business success

To build a high-performing culture at your workplace, you need to understand what makes people tick. You need to know what engages them, how committed they are, and how empowered they feel to achieve. Everperform provides insights that help you build relationships between people, helping employees reach their full potential.

Everperform automates performance management and collects crucial data for your business. In doing this, we identify what people see as important; finding faster and smarter ways for them to achieve outcomes. The data we collect and analyse increases employee contentment, fosters engagement, and promotes better performance. Everperform’s employee engagement software is available now for your Australian business.

Power Employee Recognition With Real Data From Everperform

Measure what matters with Playbooks

Measure employee engagement levels through automated pulses, which are scheduled according to your industry-specific Playbook. Personalised for your business, these feedback pulses offer insights not only into engagement levels, but how they affect profits, revenue, billable hours and other KPIs.

Help employees strive for more

Create more empowered, engaged employees using the advance sports science and high-performance principles of the Everperform Score. This score is the simple way for employees to understand how they’re tracking, encouraging them to strive for more.

Collecting engagement data is easier than ever

Forget the hassle of manual spreadsheets and automate the collection of feedback data through Everperform. Drive meaningful conversations using the data and insights you gather, rather than wasting time and risking employee fatigue.

Offer real development

Engage your employees by setting clear, actionable, and achievable goals for your team to work towards. With Everperform, you will know how your people are going at all times, making meaningful development planning and long-term progress easy. 

Harness the power of sports science at work

The Everperform Score gives employees an easy way to not only track and celebrate their successes, but to focus their efforts for future achievements.

Providing easy-to-understand-information about what’s working, what needs improving, and how to get there, the Everperform Score is powered by advanced sports science principles. Bring the data-driven, personalised improvement of high-performance sport straight to your business!

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