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Measure what it’s like to work at your company. Recognise high-performance and boost employee productivity.

Happy employees = business success

Achieving a high-performing culture is about understanding your employees’ engagement levels, not just the results they produce. Employee recognition is crucial in this process, as it rewards employees for reaching goals and incentivises future outcomes. Everperform’s employee recognition software collects data on how your employees are feeling as well as how they’re performing, allowing you to start conversations, improve relationships, and drive results within your organisation.

With Everperform’s industry-specific Playbooks, it’s easy to define what success means to your organisation and measure performance on an individual and team level. With performance and people metrics at your fingertips, you will have the data to not only measure and celebrate employee success, but to nurture each individual’s sense of value, confidence, capability, contentment, and leadership.

Power Employee Recognition With Real Data From Everperform

Understand how engagement impacts your bottom line

Know exactly how your employees' engagement is affecting your most crucial business metrics. Everperform provides you with automated tools to measure and analyse engagement and recognition and compare them against key performance indicators.

Automate and streamline your employee experience

With Everperform’s industry-specific Playbooks, it’s easy to define what success means to your organisation. Playbooks put your employee experience on autopilot, sending scheduled pulses and setting KPIs specific to your industry, designed to move you towards high-performance.

Empower employee improvement with high-performance

Use the insights collected by Everperform to show employees which inputs are getting the right outcomes, helping them achieve repeatable success and ongoing job satisfaction.

Promote open, on-going feedback and a high-performance culture by enabling employees to leave peer observations and performance feedback on each other.

Performance and people analytics in one

Everperform collects data to give you a full picture on your organisation’s performance, not just in terms of employee recognition.

Gain insights into culture, employee feedback, and more to improve employee engagement at every level.

Harness the power of sports science at work

The Everperform Score gives employees an easy way to not only track and celebrate their successes, but to focus their efforts for future achievements.

Providing easy-to-understand-information about what’s working, what needs improving, and how to get there, the Everperform Score is powered by advanced sports science principles. Bring the data-driven, personalised improvement of high-performance sport straight to your business!

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