Employee Feedback And Improvement

Enhance business performance and relationships through technology. Save time by automating your employee feedback cycles.

Why employee feedback matters

Knowing how your employees are feeling is just as crucial as tracking their performance. Employee engagement and satisfaction directly affect the results produced for your business, with greater engagement leading to more consistent success. We collect data on how your employees are feeling, performing, and improving, not only giving you insights into these crucial analytics, but providing the right data to create change.

With Everperform’s employee feedback software, the nightmare of feedback collection and curation is over. Everperform will collect feedback and performance data through automated pulses, which are scheduled according to your industry-specific or custom Playbook. Decision makers can use this real-time data to increase engagement, drive better conversations, and put your organisation on a path to success

Automate Employee Feedback With Everperform

Schedule and collect on-going feedback with ease

Automate employee feedback and 360 reviews company wide to get on-going feedback across your business.

Employees automatically get notified when they have feedback to complete, so you can start to build a routine of continuous improvement.

Every metric in just one place

Get your performance, success, and people metrics all in the one spot, giving you a singular view of business performance.

See exactly how employee feedback and engagement relate to KPI outcomes, giving you the confidence to make changes to the people and performance aspects of your organisation.

Better data for smarter reviews

Understand what makes your people tick with invaluable insights into how they are feeling at work.

Use the transparent data and live reports generated through Everperform to drive purposeful 1:1 check-ins and performance reviews

Build elite work-athletes through employee feedback

Harness feedback data in a new way with the Everperform Score. Tailored to each employee, this score gives businesses and individuals an easy way to understand how they are tracking and where they can improve.

Combining employee feedback, goal performance, and lead indicators, The Everperform Score is backed by 20+ years of leadership experience and the advanced, high-performance principles of sports science.

Helping companies like yours reach high-performance

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