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The one meaningful, real-time, accurate view of your people, enabling better performance decisions across the enterprise.

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Align your Enterprise. Personalise performance for your employees

Leverage your existing performance data from platforms such as HR, Finance, and Operations, and create new data to measure the key lead indicators to people performance.

The combination of this existing and new data enables powerful and rich insights for the leaders of your enterprise as well as personalised and meaningful insights for every individual employee.

High Performance Framework born in sport

The Everperform measurement platform has been built, refined, and enhanced over the past 20+ years. Our Founder, Wade Keenan, created the idea from his career in high performance sporting teams and the mega-spreadsheet was converted to the Everperform app. We are built from the best high-performance principles and measurements that have been proven to work in organisations both large and small.

Mobile first for a workforce on the go

Everperform is mobile first. We believe you should have access to your performance everywhere you go, at any time. The future of work is already here, and we arm your Enterprise Leaders, People Leaders, Managers and Employees with the data they need to make the best decisions, wherever they may be.

Easy to use People Analytics

You don’t need to be a data scientist to understand our Analytics platform, that’s our job! We have built all of the intelligence behind the scenes so that you can focus on action. The People Analytics and Insights are graphically rich and interactive. Don’t expect any PDF reporting here.

Put your Enterprise on Autopilot

We make the life of your People and Culture team so much easier. Enterprise Autopilot is a scheduling engine that generates requests for data and presentation of insights based on intelligence. Think of it as a really smart enterprise calendar, constantly keeping your employees aligned, engaged, accountable, and providing them with what they need to know to improve.

SaaS. On Demand. In the Cloud. Secure.

The platform is available on a subscription per user basis, and is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services for access anywhere in the world. We know how important your data is, that is why we have it secured and protected with our strict data policies.

Services Packages

We love working with companies that align to the Everperform Brand. That is a really important starting point for us. We love working with like-minded companies, who are just as hungry as we are to make a positive impact on their people.

Get your organisation up and running on Everperform in quick time using the Enterprise Playbook. Our team will streamline the setup from day 1 to ensure the first 28 days are an enjoyable experience for you and your teams. At the completion of the first 28 days, our team will present the overall insights back to you and recommend the next phase based on the results.

Our team are experts in creating your personalised playbooks from merging best practice performance frameworks and your enterprise and people strategy. This includes consultation with the key stakeholders from your company and using our team’s experience in leadership, performance, and development.

If you love data and intelligence like we do, you’d know that sometimes you need more depending on the specific question you want answered. Everperform’s team can perform personalised analytics on your Everperform data to provide advanced insights and intelligence.

Data-driven decision making is becoming a necessity for all leaders and managers. We know this, and offer Everperform coaching services to leaders to accelerate the use of the data and insights to ensure they are making the most of the Everperform platform, and more importantly, their people.

With our open API framework, we can work with your teams to connect the right data from your existing Enterprise systems beyond the standard API configuration library. We have SSO capability to make sure your employee base is always up to date and connected.

Our Customers

We have thousands of individuals who are using Everperform playbooks. Our enterprise customers use the Everperform platform for measuring and improving their employees ongoing.

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