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Leverage People and Performance Data Together

The human resources sector has changed dramatically in the last 15 years alone. The modern workforce has moved away from point-in-time performance management, shifting towards a model of ongoing feedback and development, which looks beyond mere employee retention and towards the development of high-performance cultures.

With key data and metrics at your fingertips, Everperform empowers HR professionals to nurture productivity, engagement, and growth.

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High-Performance For Human Resources

Everperform’s innovative Playbooks automate feedback and data collection. Targeted to different industries, organisations, and roles, Everperform’s Playbooks will gather scheduled feedback pulses on an ongoing basis. Employees, HR managers, and businesses can then leverage this data to enhance organisation-wide performance and maintain employee satisfaction.

How Everperform helps achieve high-performance

Unlock the key to employee success

Measure the lead indicators that matter to your industry. Easily drive learning and talent development through Everperform’s automated pulses; and create valuable performance outcomes on a wider organisational level.

Measure and leverage performance metrics

Achieve greater clarity on your lagging indicators and KPIs and analyse the metrics that matter to your organisation. Empower decision makers, employees, and teams to make changes that close competency gaps for the individual and the business.

Understand the employee experience

Leverage people analytics by automating culture, employee, and feedback surveys. This allows HR teams to unlock the maximum potential of their workforce by aligning performance and feedback data. With fast, hassle-free and personalised data collection, performance management for human resources is easier than ever.

Empower individuals to build a high-performing culture

Support employees in their own success with the Everperform Score. Based on the principles of high-performance sport, the Everperform Score provides insights into how employees are performing, what's going well, and what can be done to improve.

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Driving high-performance and faster growth for business

Ryan Kagan - BlueRock
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Our people (Rock Stars) are our greatest asset and are a direct link to great client experiences and operational effectiveness. So, it was an easy decision to invest in Everperform, which helps our people take-charge of their destiny whilst driving efficiencies in performance management (especially via the app) - saving me more than eight hours each month.
Ryan KaganDirector Of Digital

Pricing and Setup

There are no setup or onboarding fees. You're first 7 days on Everperofrm are free, after which you can continue to use the platform for $8 per user/per month.

Integrate with WorkflowMax: Keep job and performance data in sync

Everperform integrates with WorkflowMax to keep all your performance and job data in sync. Drive better conversations and business outcomes with all the data you need on your people, in one spot.

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