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Nurture Productivity. Grow Your Team

Productivity is at the heart of the IT industry. You’re focused on growing your team, increasing your revenue, and achieving peak efficiency.

We empower your employees and boost your productivity by collecting data and measuring key performance metrics. This promotes optimal outcomes and sustainable growth not just for your business, but for your people.

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High-Performance for IT Services

Everperform nurtures high-performance for IT services professionals, automating feedback and data collection through the innovative Playbooks feature. Individuals and teams will complete a set of scheduled feedback pulses on an ongoing basis, providing tailored information that’s aligned to the performance metrics of their role. IT businesses can leverage this data to analyse past performance and influence future outcomes.

How Everperform helps achieve high-performance

Understand lead indicators to drive performance

Measure lead indicators specific to the IT industry and track them against overall performance. Easily measure work hours, personal development hours, and more through Everperform’s automated pulses.

Know your next move by tracking KPIs

Keep track of KPIs and lagging indicators at every level of your business, from individuals and teams to organisation-wide KPIs. Understand indicators such as productivity and employee engagement and take action.

Take advantage of people analytics

Understand how people are feeling across all areas of your business and promote greater employee engagement on an individual and team level. Automate engagement, culture, and employee feedback surveys to achieve optimal retention with minimal HR efforts.

Move towards high-performance

Clearly show IT managers and employees where and how they can improve their performance with the Everperform Score. The Everperform Score utilises the principles of high-performance and elite sports to highlight what’s going well and what can be done to improve.

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Driving high-performance and productivity in IT services

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We had a 33% increase in our team's view that we are working on the most important tasks. This is a lead indicator to both satisfaction and happiness.
Isaac MannDirector Of Engineering

Pricing and Setup

There are no setup or onboarding fees. You're first 7 days on Everperofrm are free, after which you can continue to use the platform for $8 per user/per month.

Integrate with WorkflowMax: Keep job and performance data in sync

Everperform integrates with WorkflowMax to keep all your performance and job data in sync. Drive better conversations and business outcomes with all the data you need on your people, in one spot.

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