For Small Businesses

Grow, Develop and Stay Competitive

As a small business owner, sustainable growth and reliable performance are essential to your company. You’re focused on remaining competitive and developing your team in an environment where you’re up against bigger players.

Everperform simplifies performance management for you, automating important tasks and giving you one less thing to worry about. As well as this, we collate real-time statistics that inform future performance and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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High-Performance For Small Business

ith Everperform’s Playbooks feature, high-performance for small businesses is streamlined. Customise your Playbook to suit your business and schedule feedback pulses for your employees to complete. Focus less on manually measuring feedback or KPIs and use the information we provide to drive sustainable success.

How Everperform helps achieve high-performance

Know where every lead indicator takes you

Measure lead indicators against employee performance to get the clearest possible insight into how your actions affect your outcomes. Each lead indicator can be measured through automated pulses, providing greater insights with less effort.

Effectively measure lagging indicators

Keep track of your lagging indicators and utilise the metrics provided by Everperform to maintain or improve your business outcomes. Empower employees and managers to drive growth across your business.

Minimise HR hassles

By automating and collecting employee feedback, your small business can reduce hours spent on HR activities while understanding and improving employee satisfaction levels. By tracking people and performance data together, you can understand how employee happiness and business performance relate.

Create an high-performance environment

Provide employees with transparent, actionable insights into their performance with the Everperform Score. Based on high-performance principles in sports, employees and teams can quickly see what’s going well and what can be done to improve in their role.

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Driving high-performance and faster growth in accounting

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Ryan Kagan - BlueRock
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Our people (Rock Stars) are our greatest asset and are a direct link to great client experiences and operational effectiveness. So, it was an easy decision to invest in Everperform, which helps our people take-charge of their destiny whilst driving efficiencies in performance management (especially via the app) - saving me more than eight hours each month.
Ryan KaganDirector Of Digital

Pricing and Setup

There are no setup or onboarding fees. You're first 7 days on Everperofrm are free, after which you can continue to use the platform for $8 per user/per month.

Integrate with WorkflowMax: Keep job and performance data in sync

Everperform integrates with WorkflowMax to keep all your performance and job data in sync. Drive better conversations and business outcomes with all the data you need on your people, in one spot.

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