Lead And Lag Indicator Tracking

Understand what inputs are having the biggest impact on people's performance.

Knowing your lead indicators

In business, knowing what you want to improve is less than half the battle. You need to know which inputs affect performance and which of these will lead to greater outcomes. Everperform joins the dots for your business, collecting data on lead and lag indicators, business performance and success, and employee engagement. Understand exactly what affects performance within your walls and find the path to repeatable success.

With Everperform’s industry-specific and customisable Playbooks, you can automate the measurement of important metrics and the capturing of critical data. Employees, leaders and managers will all receive pulses to complete in areas related to your business, so you know exactly what is impacting on performance. You can then use this data to confidently make informed decisions on the future of your company. Everperform empowers businesses to not only use lead and lag indicators in project management, but to achieve high-performance in every aspect of their business.

Keep Tabs On Lead And Lag Indicators With Everperform

Know what drives results

Understand which lead indicators impact on the KPIs that matter to you. Compare lead indicators against revenue, operating profit, billable hours, and more to find ways to maximise success across your business.

Empower decision-makers at all levels

Get the complete picture on lagging indicators and empower people at every level of your organisation to make changes that improve outcomes. By truly understanding past performance, Everperform makes it easier to drive future growth.

Look beyond compliance with the Everperform Score

Use the Everperform Score to show employees and business leaders which inputs are generating the best outcomes and where to focus for greater, repeatable success.

Rather than just focusing on compliance, the Everperform Score uses sports science principles to drive individuals and teams towards consistent high-performance.  

Helping companies like yours reach high-performance

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