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Collect data on how your employees are feeling, performing and improving at any time. Drive better conversations with the right analytics and insights.

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Know Your Lead Indicators.

Most people know what they want to improve. Few know exactly how to improve. Fewer take the action to improve.

Understand which inputs are giving you the best results across your organisation by allowing employees to self-reflect, get peer feedback, and measure their inputs.

Key features
Self Reviews
360 Feedback
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Track Performance Measures.

Keep track of your key performance indicators across people and teams. Set clear targets for people to work towards, alligned to your business goals.

Use KPI data to compare past and current performance trends, drive forward-looking conversations and improve relationships between people and managers.

Key features
Key Performance Indicators
KPIs and performance ratings
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Improvement Goals.
Set Real Improvement Goals.

Set clear and actionable improvement goals employees can work towards acheiving.

Use feedback and performance data you've collected to set improvement paths that managers and employees agree will get the best outcomes.

Key features
Goals & Milestones
Task Management
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Analytics & Insights.
Get People Analytics & Insights.

Have up-to-date people and performance analytics in one platform for a single view on how the business is performing.

Get insights into performance at an individual, team and organisation level to drive better conversations, improve engagement and get better outcomes.

Key features

Save Time Managing With The Right Data.

Everperform gives you the right data and tools, in real-time, to make life as a manager easier.

1:1 Checkins

High performance as a leader, or as a team player is easy when you have the confidence, mindset and focus to perform well based on what works best for you.

Performance Reviews

No more meaningless meetings and phone calls to ‘check in’. Have enjoyable conversations with purpose!

Development Planning

Get control back and have the ability to know how the players on your team are really going, at any time. Not just one day a month, when it is too late!

Collecting Feedback

No more manual feedback data collection and spreadsheet nightmares! Spend your time on the stuff that matters.

Ready for high-performance?

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