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Life is hard and getting harder...

Stick to a routine with Life Intense.

For high performers who need a way to stick to a strict routine. Life Intense does all the hard work for you, designed for individuals who want to measure and improve themselves everyday.

Designed by Everperform's founder Wade Keenan, this playbook mirrors what he tracks to stick to his routine, measuring areas like Health and Success daily, weekly and monthly to really understand where you're at.

Pulse Schedule
Daily PulsesConfidence Intense, Health Intense, Success Intense, Family Intense, Reflection Intense
Weekly PulsesLife Balance, Wellbeing Reflection, Checkin Intense, Significant Other
Fortnightly PulsesFamily, Parenting, Friends
Monthly PulsesHealth, Mindfulness, Improvement, Hobbies, Financial Security
Quarterly PulsesWealth Preservation, Happiness, Wellbeing

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