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Lifeswork tells you where you're at and reminds you of what's important.

It's not about being better at everything, it's about being better in the things that are important.

Designed for busy individuals who want to be successful in all aspects of their life. To do that everyday is impossible, so lifeswork helps you focus on specific areas of life that matter most by measuring you daily, weekly and monthly in areas like Work, Health and Relationships.

The first 28 days is all about establishing your lifeswork baseline, which will provide you with future insights that are personalised for you.

So if you feel life is a little out of control, why not give yourself an advantage over the rest?

Lifeswork Schedule
Dailyx3 Questions, x4 MeasuresFitness & Health
Weeklyx20 QuestionsAll Lifeswork Categories
Fortnightlyx6 QuestionsFamily & Friends, Work
Monthlyx7 Questions, x2 MeasuresRelationship, Learning and Education, Hobbies & Fun, Wealth & Finance

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