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Managing teams is hard, and getting harder.

Keep track of your team's improvement with the Teamwork playbook.

The Teamwork playbook is your pathway to become a better manager. Teamwork is designed for managers who want to have more meaningful conversations with their people. It's based upon a combination of human behaviour, high performance and wellbeing frameworks that enable managers to know that they are measuring what's important for their team.

This playbook will keep you in a routine, save you time and ensure that you're leading with a growth mindset and making a positive impact, whilist acheiving your team's goals.

So if you're looking to go from a manager to a leader, here's a great place to start.

Teamwork Schedule
On SignupBaseline PulseTeam Health, Performance
Weekly CheckinReflection Pulse, Life Balance Pulse, x3 MeasuresConfidence, Planning, Reflection
Monthly PlanningFeedback Pulse, Development Pulse, x1 MeasureBehaviours
Quarterly Review, Team Health PulsePerformance PulseBehaviours

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