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You're focused on revenue and billable hours, growing your firm and staying competitive in a changing industy. We help you identify which lead indicators have the most significant impact on your firm's revenue, growth and employee engagement, so you know where to focus to stay ahead of the curve.

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How to improve and grow your firm with Everperform.

Know your lead indicators to revenue

Know which inputs lead to better performance outcomes for employees in your firm. Lead indicators can be measured through automated pulses or KPIs, from time spent on tasks to engagement levels.

Measure performance metrics effectively

Having clear and agreed upon KPIs is key to growing a successful firm. You can keep track of KPI performance firm-wide in the same platform as your people analytics, so you have the right data to drive real performance.

Set clear improvement goals

Set realistic, acheivable goals for employees from the data you've gathered. Goals are flexible - they can be project/work related goals, professional development goals, or weekly milestones and tasks to hit.

Build a high-performing culture

The best way to ensure your firm continues to improve and grow is to work towards a high-performing culture. Everperform gives you, you're managers and employees all the tools, data and insights to get there.

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Everperform works with WorkflowMax to pull in your billable hours as KPIs, giving you people analytics and performance data in one platform.

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"Our management team have a much better understanding of our people and the lead indicators to performance. We have been able to prevent issues before they happen."

Jason RobinsonDirector, RBK Advisory

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We'll help you get setup.

Our team will help you get up and running with Everperform. There's no setup or onboarding fee, so getting started on the platform is easy and straight forward.

Data and insights to make managing easy.

Modern teams need the right data and insights on people and performance to stay ahead of the curve. Everperform gives you real data and the right tools to make the these modern management tasks easy.

Self Reviews

Run automated self reviews and get critical feedback from your people.

360 Feedback

Get feedback from peers, managers and team members at any time.

1:1 Checkins

Have all the data you need to run effective 1:1 checkins.

Performance Reviews

Save time preparing for performance reviews by continuously measuring performance.

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