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As more businesses begin to adapt to working from home, we are offering our Remote Work Playbook for FREE to help employees, managers and leaders in their transition, and provide insights on what matters.

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To the leaders that care,

We have been helping people prioritise people forever. This is not a normal time. Looking after your people is now more important than ever. It is mission-critical. My team at Everperform wants to ensure you and your people are adapting to this new way of work-life and looking after each other, and we want to help. We won’t be the team to invent the COVID-19 vaccine, but we all have something to give.

There is so much more to it than just taking your laptop and working at home. As I learned in our first week working from home, everyone in your team may adapt differently and need support in different ways.

And don't forget, it will impact you too.

That is why we are offering our Remote Work Playbook FREE, forever, for teams and businesses of any size, anywhere. We have been helping people create more meaningful interactions and interventions since we started Everperform 5 years ago and in these times - we know we are in a good position to help our community and our new communities. Over the last week, our team has been able to measure the experience, wellbeing, focus, productivity and meaningful connections using this playbook, and we think everyone should have access to it.

We're doing this to make adapting to remote work less stressful for businesses that are already under pressure. We want to provide you with insights that you and your team may be too busy to notice.

These are unique times, and we want to help as many businesses navigate through this as best as they can. People are our #1 priority, always have been, and always will be.

Stay healthy, look after each other and let’s get through this together.

Daniel Spitty
Everperform CEO

What's In The Playbook?

This playbook is designed by leveraging evidence-based research and learned implementations over the past 20 years that have enabled the playbook to capture the critical measurements while working remotely, adapted to take into account our current global situation.

You and your team will receive a mix of daily and weekly pulses to complete, aimed to measure 3 key areas of remote working:

  • Meaningful interactions with people
  • Focus and productivity
  • Wellbeing at home
“A United Nations report found that 41% of remote workers reported high stress levels, compared to just 25% of office workers”

Upon signup, the playbook will automatically schedule and send quick pulses for you and your team members to complete via email or our Everperform app.

Over this time, managers, employees and business owners will get a more in-depth look into how working from home affects wellbeing and productivity, so leaders can take active steps to help their employees, individually and as a team.

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Any additional playbooks and features fall under our normal subscription rate ($8 AUD per user/per month). Coaching services are also not included as part of the Remote Work Playbook.

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