Everperform is the easiest way to save time managing. Our pricing plans let you start small, then give you more control and let you customise as you grow.



up to 10 users

For managers who just want to get started, preconfgured with our standard pulses, goals and measures.

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For large teams with multiple managers, that need more in-depth data and reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It can be used on any desktop or mobile device i.e. desk top computer, smart phone (android and apple), tablet. Our product is simple to use . Significantly less complicated than trying to access, merge and analyze information from multiple sources. This lets you focus on analysis, planning, execution and then comparing progress against time lines and people.
The platform is cloud based and in the Amazon Web Services environment so you do not need any specific infrastructre.
We provide a 24/7 contact link in the platform. Major issues are resolved urgently and a reply to all issues given within 24 hours.
Online training guides with videos are avilable for administraton and normal users.
Managing is hard and getting harder every day. We measure the relevant elements to team performance in real time. A big advantage is you and your people are able to see how the team and inviduals are going and where there are opportunities to improv. Imagine being proactiveness as opposed to always reactionary.
We combine all experience, capability & performance data within the one platform. Saves you time searching for information on staff and lets you see how each are progressing with no surprises.