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Increase the awareness and adoption of sustainability best practices in your organisation. Generate insights from your people and their alignment to your sustainability goals.

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Generate insights from your people. Understand their alignment to your sustainability goals.

ReThink Sustainability acknowledges the United Nations 'Global Goals', the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, as the accepted international framework for delivering a more sustainable world.

ReThink Sustainability has utilised the Sustainable Development Goals to create a tool that will measure an organisation's sustainability performance.

Whether it’s a focus set of sustainability goals, or the full spectrum, we’ve created the ability to measure what until now has been, largely immeasurable.

We believe sustainability begins with having the right knowledge, insights, mindset - that’s what we measure. This leads to performance and better outcomes for organisations and for the planet.

How focusing on Sustainability helps

Loyal Customers

Multiple studies are now showing there is a clear linkage between sustainability and customer loyalty. Sustainability practices are rapidly becoming a means to differentiate brands and products.

Engaged Employees

There is now increasing evidence that an environmental or sustainability program, creates more engaged (and loyal) employees. Sustainability practices are also being vetted by potential employees. Progressive employers are taking action.

Long Term Performance

Sustainability is all about long-term performance and decoupling growth from any negative impact on society and the planet. A comprehensive sustainability focus can help deliver financial benefits. It can also deliver significant other benefits adding to the longevity of an organisation.

Community Support

Engaging with communities and conducting business and operations with community interests, creates shared value. The social license for many organisations to exist and operate is being challenged increasingly by citizens. Sustainability leads to stronger community support and engagement.

Reduced Risks

Whether it’s risks in the supply chain, with product sourcing, modern slavery or human rights, we have eneterd a new era of accountability that extends all the way to the board. Climate risk has also emerged as a major threat to many industries. A comprehensive sustainability program and insights, should ultimate reduce reputational, financial and operational risks.

Start with a Sustainability Baseline.

You can score the sustainability practices of your organistion in just one month with our Sustainability Baseline. By using our 28 day sustainability measurement cycle, you will get insights into how sustainable your organisation is, and how aligned your people are to your sustainability goals.

What the ReThink Sustainability Index can do for your organisation

UN Sustainable Development Goals at the core

We’ve interpreted the global goals and combined them with our expert insights and best practices to create a revolutionary way to put measures around sustainability.

Capture the voice of your people

We’ve created the ability to capture feedback from teams and employees, to take their input as you embark upon or step up your sustainability journey.

Powerful visualised dashboard

See how you score across each of the sustainable development goals. Set targets. Measure what makes a difference. Communicate progress across your organisation.

ReThink Sustainability zero waste
Pinpoint where to improve.

Our expert team can crunch your data, derive insights and help you determined actions to progress. The richness of our knowledge can generate insights, that lead to improving mindset, behaviours and ultimately better sustainable outcomes.

Create or improve your sustainability roadmap.

We can offer you a tailored service, to translate your insights into an overall sustainability roadmap, designed to uplift your index and to achieve the sustainability goals set by your organisation.

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SaaS. On Demand. In the Cloud. Secure.

The platform is available on a subscription per user basis, and is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services for access anywhere in the world. We know how important your data is, that is why we have it secured and protected with our strict data policies.

Secure Sustainability Data

Your sustainability data is password protected and conforms to our strict privacy policy and terms of use. Access to the platform is strictly invitation only and provides flexibility on role types for specific accessibility options.

Engage With Mobile

We know that to truly engage your employees, you need to be able to provide a mobile capability. The mobile app significantly improves the engagement of your employees in your sustainability initiatives. Everperform is available on both iOS and Android.

SSO for Enterprise

We make it easy to get started and maintain your employee data with Single Sign On capabilities that sync with your existing systems.

Packages Available

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to help you get started. Whether you’re a Board Member, CEO, Sustainability Officer or just a passionate employee or citizen, we’re here to help. We’ve customised packages to baseline your organisation’s sustainability practices in as little as 28 days. We also offer ongoing measurement services and optional consulting services to help you define, uplift and deliver your sustainability roadmap.

Sustainability Baseline

Want to score the sustainability practices of your organisation in just one month? This option is designed just for you. Baseline your organisation in just 28 days!

Focused Plan

Know which Sustainable Development Goals matter most to your organisation? Baseline your performance across all goals, but measure what matters most ongoing. This package includes 5 SDGs and ongoing measurement and pulse checks at regular intervals.

Comprehensive Plan

If you love data and intelligence like we do, you’d know that sometimes you need more depending on the specific question you want answered. Everperform’s team can perform personalised analytics on your Everperform data to provide advanced insights and intelligence.

Improvement as a Service

Need help translating the insights? Not sure where to get started? We can customise a program to help your organisation translate the powerful insights we provide, into actions and outcomes.

Start with a Sustainability Baseline

Get a deeper look at the ReThink Sustainability Index powered by Everperform, and get a sustainability baseline for your organisation.

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Fill out the form and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible to book in a time for your demo.