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Now you can get excited about team management software

No more boring, compliant driven software you're "forced" to use. We're giving management style a facelift with a platform that benefits the entire business.

Confidence pulse browser

I have found that Everperform has enabled me to have a complete overview of my team and that of the entire organisation ongoing and have a continuous pulse as to what is happening.

Amanda Kenafake - CEO Power Tynan

The swiss army knife for managers

All the tools you need to manage your team in one place. Save time without compromising productivity and engagement.

Team Feedback

Get ongoing feedback from your team on areas like engagement, culture and values.

Available across the platform

Chat about what you are working on in the same platform you are working in.

Available across the platform

Collect comments on what's going well and what needs improvement across your teams.

Available across the platform
Customisable Questions

Ask the right questions that fit your company and values.

Available on Experience
Goal Setting

Set objectives for your team to aim for and improve on.

Available on Workspace
Target Tracking

Keep on top of the numbers that make your team succsesful.

Available on Workspace

Schedule ongoing checkins with your team to stay on top of their progress.

Available on Performance
Real Time Data

Get a live view of your team's progress with trending and reports.

Available across the platform

Ditch the annual performance review

Ongoing catchups with your team saves time, keeps people engaged and produces better results. Get a leg up on the competition with agile team management.

Everperform provides me with real-time insights into the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our people activities and initiatives. My interactions with team leaders and team members are richer than ever, because our conversations are now focused on what matters, and are based on data and evidence.

Claire Ryan - HR Manager

Everperform has helped me create more time by facilitating easy monitoring of team performance and providing feedback in a centralised location, whilst also allowing my team and I to focus on their future aspirations as well and ensure they become the best them they can be.

Ben Twidale - Team Manager

Everperform has streamlined the way I track my performance as all my goals and objectives are documented on a secure online platform that I can access at any time. This is no more a daunting task and now my manager and I can focus on planning to achieve my future goals and objectives.

Jacob Oyat - Team Member

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