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Continuous Improvement. On Autopilot.

Everperform makes it easier to collect feedback from team members, set improvement goals, and track key performance indicators, so you are always on the pulse.

Automating routine management tasks.

Real time data collection and automations of requests and reminders for you and your team to keep you accountable without needing to think about it.

Puts people data in one spot.

All of your meaningful data is centralised to ensure consistency across the performance management of your teams.

Enables more meaningful conversations.

Everperform provides you with the data for you and your team to have a conversation about how to improve performance.

Get ongoing feedback from your team.

Everperform provides you with a structured and engaging experience for the feedback from your team. The platform provides you with a transparent feedback mechanism that strengthens trust between managers and employees. This provides you with the opportunity to continuly learn and improve your team's performance.

Ongoing feedback

Keep track of how everyone's performing.

Engaged teams are successful teams. Keeping your staff on-track, motivated and improving is a vital ingredient to a high performing culture. The Everperform platform provides the opportunity to continuly checkin with your staff, so you can tailor your management actions and style to maximise their performance.

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Have a real conversation, with real data.

Performance conversations don't need to be hard. The Everperform platform provides real data to focus conversations with your staff. These conversations help you focus on what matters to the staff, their team and the organisation.

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We had a 33% increase in our team's view that we are working on the most important tasks. This is a lead indicator to both satisfaction and happiness.

Isaac Mann - Director Of Engineering @ HappyCo

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See it live, in action.

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